Puranobilis is the fusion between the latin ‘pura’ meaning ‘pure’ and ‘nobilis’ referring to something noble and precious

The House

Puranobilis is a strategic agency and consultancy representing a curated selection of international luxury brands that share a passion for creativity and innovation, while nourishing exceptional heritages built on time-honored savoir-faire.

Puranobilis is rooted in a love of quality, authenticity and integrity.

As an agency and consultancy, the mission of Puranobilis is to represent brands that target the discerning global consumer searching for an extra dimension. What all of these brands have in common is a wealth of refined qualities including outstanding aesthetic design traditions, superior craftsmanship, and an extraordinary, rich heritage.

The brands, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition and innovation with authenticity and integrity.

In light of this mission, three priorities reflect the fundamental values and approach of Puranobilis:

  • Aim for excellence
  • Act as entrepreneurs with respect, integrity and dedication
  • Bolster the mission of the chosen brands with passionate determination


With profound respect to the ambitions, mission, fundamental identity and culture of each brand, the core competence of Puranobilis is to translate creativity into successful business.

Puranobilis provides consultancy services comprising business development, internationalisation strategies, storytelling creation as part of a corporate identity, and agency acting as commercial partner.

Internationalisation strategy

For brands looking to expand their reach internationally, Puranobilis offers advice and business plans.

Storytelling creation as part of a corporate identity

If you tell me, it’s an essay. If you show me, it’s a story.

Many brands have a lot to offer, and it is essential to use the right words to describe ‘Who you are as a brand’, in order to create a clear image vis-à-vis your potential clients. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas—and brands—into the world today. Puranobilis specialises in formulating stories that support the overall brand identity.


Based on a unique global network and personal approach, Puranobilis is able to execute direct contact with a global discerning clientele as well as and act as commercial agent.

Anne Mette Müller-Krogstrup

In the luxury business, you have to build on heritage; using the power of the brand, its history, and the art of storytelling, you must take your audience to a magical place where needs turn into passions, and passions turn into unexpected love.

International Profile

Given my experience developing global and regional branding and sales strategies for international luxury houses whose core values share know-how, unique heritage and quality, my profile is truly international.


Thanks to the leadership roles I have held through the years, including that of Brand Ambassador, I have developed a keen understanding of what it takes to inspire and guide teams towards excellence.

Strategy & Sales

I rely on a pragmatic and analytic approach to create global and regional strategies. In elaborating, implementing and executing such strategies, every aspect of the value chain is taken into account.

Passionate Branding

I am personally dedicated to furthering the mission of a brand whose vision speaks to my heart. As a firm believer in creative acumen, I believe a brand’s story plays a key role in its overall success. With that in mind, I always act in keeping with a brand’s mission to ensure that its exceptional reputation is upheld in every way.

Aim for Excellence

As a rule, I aim for nothing less than excellence, and strive to deliver superior quality, using an approach that is equal parts analytic and dynamic. Personally and professionally, I value integrity and diplomacy above all.


Anne Mette Müller-Krogstrup


Anne Mette Müller-Krogstrup

Bellevuevej 3
2930 Klampenborg

+45 4090 9198